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File Renamer Deluxe 6.3.0 Portable | 6.75 MB HF-FSN 

File Renamer was developed to easily and quickly rename multiple files at once 

With this program, you can rename entire directories and subdirectories of files/Images/Photos at once with a powerful preview and with multiple tools. It was designed to be easy to use yet powerful enough to handle some of the most complex tasks 

File Renamer is also perfect for renaming digital pictures. Select the pictures you want to rename, choose the new file name scheme, apply, you're done! - It's that easy

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AllWebMenus Pro 5.3 Build 860 Portable | 9.3 MB HF-FSN 

AllWebMenus is a dhtml/javascript menu builder for web site navigation that requires absolutely no DHTML or javascript experience from you 

It creates cross-browser, popup or drop down menus that work alike in all browsers supporting DHTML (like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari and more). A javascript menu can be designed with a simple, tree-like approach. You can then fully customize it by using the Properties Pane or by choosing a predefined appearance from the Style Gallery. It can be either vertical or horizontal (popup or drop down menu), it can be movable, stay visible while scrolling, contain static or animated images, borders, colors and much more! Once everything is set, you can compile and link your menu to your web pages in a fast and easy manner, without any code involved!

» Import FrontPage Navigation Structures into AllWebMenus
» Create Site Maps straight from the Menu Structure of menus
» Create menus fast by using pre-designed menu styles from the Theme Gallery
» Use multiple menus in the same page
» Use many flexible ways to position your menus
» Create menus for use inside framed web sites
» Specify an alternative web page to open when a user has an older browser that does not support DHTML and javascript
» Design both horizontal and vertical menus and use static or animated images for both the background and content
» Create effects by assigning different values to the item properties for three different item states
» Position the menu anywhere on the screen and keep the menu visible in the same position while scrolling
» Specify javascript Commands to be executed when clicking on menu items
» Use both vertical and horizontal submenus at any possible combination
» Use Titles on submenus and allow the user to drag the menu from its Title
» Choose "How", "When" and "Where", any submenu appears
» Use "Distance Between Items" and assign a "Status Bar Text" for each item

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Wowza Media Server v2.2.3 Perpetual Edition For Windows | 70 MB HF-FSN
Wowza Media Server 2 is not just a high-performance, extensible and a fully interactive Flash media server - it takes the proven Wowza Pro platform beyond Flash by adding H.264 support for:Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; Microsoft Silverlight; Apple QuickTime; Set-top boxes and more.

Wowza Media Server is the world's first platform that lets you stream from one H.264 encode simultaneously to multiple players and devices. It unifies the multi-protocol, multi-player H.264 streaming into a single workflow, eliminating the need for multiple player-specific encoders and servers. And Wowza Media Server 2 delivers all that at an unbeatable price — 75% less than the single-protocol Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS) or Microsoft Windows Server® with IIS.

Proclaimed the Best Streaming Innovation , and hailed 'the smart choice' by our customers and the industry, Wowza Media Server 2 makes streaming affordable for organizations of all sizes — from the smallest enterprises to hosting providers and CDNs.

Wowza Media Server 2 is available in several editions to meet your business and technical needs — see our Editions and Pricing page for more details on the edition that is right for you.

Our customers are using Wowza Media Server 2 in many creative ways, in a variety of applications — explore why Wowza Media Server Pro is the smart choice for you too:

Industrial Strength
High-performance - highly multi-threaded 64-bit architecture
Reliable - built from the ground up as an infrastructure-grade server
Unified - standard H.264, encoded once, delivered everywhere
Scalable - multi-server scalability for live or on-demand
Extensible - comprehensive API's, scripting, programming and integration
Manageable - standards based, easy to deploy and integrate
Cross-platform - runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris, and more…
Economical - unlimited multi-protocol connections at unbeatable prices

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Microsoft Visual Studio [2010] Ultimate v10.0 with (MSDN + eBook Guide and Tutorial) – Single link
Size : 2.3 GB
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is the comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management tools for teams to ensure quality results, from design to deployment. Whether you’re creating new solutions or enhancing existing applications, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate lets you bring your vision to life targeting an increasing number of platforms and technologies 2014including cloud and parallel computing.

Comprehensive suite of tools to help teams ensure quality results, from design to deployment


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AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2011 10.0.1209 Build 3533 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 346 MB

The Internet is your businesss key to success. From online transactions and email communications to handling sensitive customer data, AVG Internet Security 2011 Business Edition is designed to dynamically protect your Internet active business from todays most sophisticated online threats. AVG Internet Security 2011 a set of programs to protect your PC from dangerous objects and network threats. Program blocks viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and firewall to protect against network attacks. When using AVG Internet Security 2011 you will not have to worry about identity theft, spam and viruses. The program contains a built in anti virus module, firewall, detection system, and unsolicited e mail applications to steal confidential data.
Software complex provides an opportunity to pre empt the introduction of all types of threats to computer equipment from the Internet. AVG Internet Security Business Edition protects against viruses, Trojans, spyware applications, veiled threats and hacker attacks.

The solution combines the technology to scan LinkScanner and system behavioral analysis. Provides the function block dangerous web resources when running on the Internet. AVG Internet Security Business Edition makes an assessment of web sites at the current time mode and warns the user about their degree of security.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition scans downloaded files for viruses, and enables you to scan instant messages. Possibility of remote system administration.

Advantages of products AVG:
The necessary level of protection
Our specialists are always looking for new challenges, so we can quickly develop new ways of protection.
AVG products protect more than 80 million PC users around the world.
Easy to use security
AVG products are easy to download, install and use, have minimal impact on system performance.
Technology, the award winning
AVG security system certified by all major independent certification companies, such as the ICSA, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark (Lab West Coast Labs).

AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2011 includes the following modules:
Anti Virus find and remove various viruses, Trojans, Internet worms.
Anti Spyware Protecting your computer from installing spyware and other malicious programs.
Anti Rootkit protection against hidden threats, spreading malicious content.
Anti Spam E mail filtering and deleting spam.
Identity Protection Protection against new and unknown threats.
LinkScanner Active Surf Shield protection in real time from infected web pages while surfing the Internet.
LinkScanner Search Shield a mapping of security assessments in real time for all the search results Google, Yahoo and MSN / Live.
Web Protection & Firewall a full fledged firewall to protect your computer while it is running on the web.
ID Protection now your passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data are protected from theft.

Key features:
100 virus detection. AVG Antivirus scan engine has received numerous awards for its excellent detection vredonostnogo package, including the VB100. The unique combination of detection methods of AVG provides full protection against viruses, worms and Trojans.
100 protection against spyware (spyware). AVG is not only the search capabilities of spyware and keyloggers in the files and archive files, and search capabilities hidden keys in the registry.
Detection on the fly. AVG scanner monitors the calls to the file system and produces double check files when accessing them, allowing you to build another layer of protection from the infected files.
Postage protection. AVG scans all email traffic, and connects to the mail clients such as: MS Outlook, The bat!, Eudora, and other SMTP/POP3 mail clients such as Outlook Express. Also supported by checking SSL traffic.
Anti spam and phishing filters. Each letter, entering a mailbox that is checked by means of signature databases are updated every minute.
Monitoring network connections. With built in firewall AVG scans all incoming and outgoing connection requests from the computer, prevent network attacks on computer and network activity for the Trojans.
Powerful scheduling. AVG automatically provides a daily schedule for scanning and updating, and will give you the opportunity to create their own scheduled events.
Supports 23 languages


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Farstone TotalRecovery Pro 7.1.1 Build 20110328 | 224 Mb

TotalRecovery 7 Pro is all you need to completely protect your PC from an unexpected disaster. TotalRecovery ensures that photos, music, documents, and other important files on your PC are well protected or can easily be recovered. TotalRecovery offers comprehensive backup & recovery, including file and folder backup, complete system backup, and incremental image backup. Set your PC backup schedule, and TotalRecovery will automatically back up your data without delaying or disrupting any work in progress.
Features & Benefits
- Keep your hard drive safe from system failure, viruses, and accidental removal
- Protect irreplaceable photos, videos, music, documents, and other important files
- Universal Restore your files to a new PC
- Ensure easy recovery from system crashes

Home Page - http://www.farstone.com/

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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 2011 EN/HU/DE Final x86/x64 Activated | 3.85 GB

You can choose English, German, Hungarian languages, and 32 or 64 bit OS, in the begining of the installation. You don't need to activate. Updateable.
Windows 7 is available in six different editions, but only Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate are widely available at retail. The other editions are focused at other markets, such as the developing world or enterprise use. Each edition of Windows 7 includes all of the capabilities and features of the edition below it.

All editions support the 32-bit (IA-32) processor architecture and all editions except Starter support the 64-bit (x86-64) processor architecture (64-bit installation media is not included in Home Basic edition, but can be obtained from Microsoft)
According to Microsoft, the features for all editions of Windows 7 are stored on the machine, regardless of what edition is in use. Users who wish to upgrade to an edition of Windows 7 with more features can then use Windows Anytime Upgrade to purchase the upgrade, and unlock the features of those editions. Microsoft announced Windows 7 pricing information for some editions on June 25, 2009, and Windows Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack pricing on July 31, 2009.

System Requirement:
Processor Required: 1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Memory Required: 1GB RAM (32-bit) / 2GB RAM (64-bit)
Video card: DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 or later driver.
Hard disk: 16GB available disk space (32-bit) / 20 GB (64-bit). For the download version, an additional 3GB is required.

1.Extract Files
2.Burn Image to DVD
3.Boot from DVD
4.Install to unpartitioned space without serial
Have fun! No Serial and no Activation needed

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:: بازدید از این مطلب : 1220
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Adobe Acrobat X Professional v10.0.0.396 MULTi | 590 MB

Creating a professional work and exchange of virtually any user regardless of location. Combining a wide range of content including documents, spreadsheets, email, images, video, 3D-graphics and maps in one concise and structured portfolio PDF. Joint work in reviewing the documents to which granted total access. Creating interactive forms and rapid collection of data. Protection and control of valuable information. Advanced features Acrobat software for users of Adobe Reader ®.

Key features:
- Convert and scanning to a PDF. No matter what type of content is converted into a format or scanned PDF - «paper" documents, emails, photos, spreadsheets, web sites, videos, compatible with Adobe ® Flash ® Player, or other types of content - all the work is easily performed using the software software Adobe Acrobat ® X. Create and provide shared access to files, PDF, which can be viewed on mobile devices and smartphones.

- Export & editing PDF. Easily edit PDF documents and export them to Word and Excel. You no longer need to enter each time data from the keyboard, you can reuse the prepared content. Use Acrobat X to reduce errors, improve productivity and reduce project development time.

- Merge files from multiple applications. You no longer need to send a large number of letters with numerous attachments. Create professional files of PDF, which is easy to send, open and view.

- Improved efficiency and consistency of work. Use innovative features to improve productivity to simplify complex processes, training and demonstration of high-quality content and achieve good results.
- Optimized review documents online. Effectively collect feedback from colleagues and customers and reduces the time required for approval of projects. Use media sharing online reviewing and commenting on PDF documents for easy collaboration on the project.

- Collect data using the fillable PDF. Easily create, distribute and track interactive forms convenient PDF, similar to a "paper" - you do not need the assistance of the IT department.

- Protect PDF files and documents. Easy to use security features allow you to protect confidential information. Passwords, digital signatures, and corrections functions allow you to implement secure electronic processes.

- Compliance and PDF support for accessibility features. Ensure compliance with corporate, regional and state standards, and add accessibility features for persons with disabilities.

- Read file PDF, search for them and sharing files. With the free software Adobe ® Reader ® provides all users the ability to view and print files to PDF, as well as perform on search him. Work on PDF files with colleagues and customers - even if you use different file formats, platforms, browsers and devices.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro can be used for the following purposes:
- Get professional-looking documents. Use templates for bringing together a wide range of content in an excellent portfolio PDF. Apply permissions and passwords to protect sensitive information.

- Manage document reviews. Gather the necessary information through interactive document reviews that enable participants to see the comments of other users and add your own.

- Create and manage forms. Create, Send out and track forms and responses, and easily export data for analysis and reporting.

System requirements:
- CPU with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz or higher
- Microsoft Windows XP Home, Professional or Tablet PC Edition with SP3 for 32-bit version (with SP2 64-bit version); Windows Server 2003 (32 - or 64-bit, 64-bit version requires SP2); Windows Server 2008 (32 - or 64-bit version); Windows Server 2008 R2 (32 - or 64-bit version); Windows Vista Home Basic, Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with SP2 (32 - or 64-bit); Windows 7 Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise (32 - or 64-bit)
- Internet Explorer 7 or 8; Firefox 3.5 or 3.6
- 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
- 1,9 GB free hard disk space
- Monitor resolution of 1024x576
- DVD-ROM drive
- Video hardware acceleration (optional)

List of changes:
- From the source distribution, containing English, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian removed all languages except English and Russian.
- The installer was uprooted Romanian plant. Provided by choosing your language: English or Russian.
- To the installer added Box-adapted version of the menu. Made it in the image of the same menu for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.
- The integrated installer serial number, and the Cr@k folder contains detailed instructions and additional tools for activating the program.

Activation Instructions:
- Run the patch keygen (preferably as an administrator) and click Patch Hosts File.
- Install the program with sewn-in installer serial number, or Generate a serial number with patch keygen.
- Enjoy the registered version of the product!

An alternative method (if the first did not work):
- Install the program with sewn-in installer serial number, or Generate a serial number with patch keygen.
- Replace the original file is located in amtservices.dllAcrobaton modified from folder Cr@k, previously backed up the original file.
- Enjoy the registered version of the product!

Switching Interface Language: to change the language interface in the menu on the way the "Edit-> Preferences ...-> World" (Edit-> Preferences ...-> Internetional) change the "Language Application" (Application Language) on select when you start the program "(Choose at application startup). Then restart the program and in the pop-up window, select your preferred language interface

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Adobe CS5 Master edition incl. Full for MAC OS X | 5.62 GBMaster Edition contains

Photoshop CS5 Extended
Illustrator CS5
InDesign CS5
Acrobat 9 Pro
Flash Catalyst CS5
Flash Professional CS5
Flash Builder 4 Standard
Dreamweaver CS5
Fireworks CS5
Contribute CS5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
After Effects CS5
Soundbooth CS5
Adobe OnLocation CS5
Encore CS5
Bridge CS5
Device Central CS5
Dynamic Link
Integrates with CS Live online services


Download Link


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Tekpub - Mastering C# 4.0 with Jon Skeet
English | FLV | H.263 852x480 | MP3 128 Kbps | 1.99 GB
Genre: eLearning
If you're just learning Microsoft's flagship language - or if you've been at it for years - this production will teach you a lot. Jon Skeet is well-known as the "Chuck Norris" of StackOverflow.com with inhuman skills when it comes to answering questions about C# 4.0. Tap his brain and learn the language like never before with our all-new series.
1 - What's New With 4.0?
In this episode we'll take a quick tour of all the new goodies in C# 4.0 - showing you why you should care about this latest rev of the language. This is a summary episode only - we'll dive deep into each topic later on.
2 - Basics: The Coding Environment
In this episode Jon gives you a quick tour of Visual Studio 2010 - the place where you'll write your code most often. This is a beginner episode, for those who have not worked with Visual Studio before.
3 - Basics: Writing Your First Class
In this episode Jon starts from the ground up - writing a C# class and then testing it with NUnit. Along the way he'll talk about various details related to classes and things to look out for. Even if you're a seasoned C# developer - going over the basics never hurts - and Jon might drop some pearls of wisdom along the way!
4 - Basics: Methods, Constructors, and Exceptions
In this episode Jon covers the actions and behaviours that you can program for a C# Class. This is a beginner's episode, but there is plenty in here for seasoned developers as well.
5 - Basics: Class Properties and Structure
In this episode Jon shows you how to work with Property assignments in C# and how you can set them up to convey specific behaviour of your class. This is a beginner's episode - but there's a lot in here that would make for a good review for any C# developer.
6 - Basics: Integers and Operators
In this episode Jon talks about integers and the different "shades of int" you find in C# 4.0. He also talks about reference vs. value types, and various operators you can use when doing some math in C#.
7 - Decimals and Floating Points
In this episode Jon walks through the various issues you might encounter when dealing with decimals and floating-point numbers. It's not straightforward in C#, and Jon gives you practical advice on when and how to use the various types in C#.
8 - Strings: Equality, Interning, and Concatenation
In this episode (the first of a small series on Strings) Jon takes a look at the beloved, intense, misunderstood and vast System.String class. He'll walk you through Equality - how to tell if a string truly equals another, Interning and if you should care about it, and Concatenation: when do you need a StringBuilder?
9 - String Manipulation
In this episode Jon shows you how to manipulate strings using Substring, IndexOf and Split.
10 - Regular Expressions
In this episode Jon walks you through 3 scenarios where Regular Expressions can help - and also hurt. Simple string replacement and matching, as well as a more complicated example of log parsing.



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